Utility Lineworker

student climbing a utility pole with others looking on from the ground

The Utility Lineworker program instructs students in safety on the job including Pole Top Rescue, CPR, First Aid and Flagger Certification. Students will learn to set wood poles both manually and with motor driven equipment. Climb poles from 10' to 45' high. Students will learn to operate a variety of equipment and earn their CDL Class A Operator's License. Instruction will be given on stringing wire, winding lines, hanging single and double cross arms. Electrical, Telecommunications and Cable lines will be covered. High paying jobs in municipalities, state and national companies or contractors are just a few of the opportunities.


What can I do when I graduate?

  • Groundworker

  • Apprentice lineworker

  • Telephone technician

  • Cable splicer

  • Utility truck driver

  • Flagger

What would I do in this class?

  • Safety

  • First Aid and CPR

  • Pole climbing

  • Pole placement

  • Wire placement

  • Technician skills

  • Equipment operation

  • Cable splicing

What can I do with further training?

  • Journeyman lineworker

  • Fiber optic splicer

  • Maintenance engineer

  • Business zone technician

  • Equipment operator

  • Substation technician


Class Time

Class Duration

Total Cost

Rich Tharp

M, T, W, Th

August 21,2024

Tuition $6,230

7:00 am -12:30 pm

thru May 2025

Lab Fees $6,995


TOTAL $13,225