Ohio Technical Centers

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Check out this quick state video that explains Ohio Technical Centers! (You might even recognize a few students.)

Ohio Technical Centers (OTCs), a division of the Ohio Association of Career-Technical Superintendent, are an association of 51 independently operated career technical centers offering educational programs to adults specific to local needs, improving the job skills and professional competencies of Ohio’s workforce. All Ohio Technical Centers programs are approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education, national accrediting agencies, and specific third-party credentials. In 2021, the Ohio Department of Higher Education reported that 71% of those enrolled in a technical program received a credential, certificate, state license or passed a technical assessment upon completion, and 90% of those completing a technical program found employment. These Centers close the gap between urgent, in-demand workplace expectations and worker marketability through accredited programs in skilled trades and credentialed careers and ongoing interaction with local employers. In addition, Ohio Technical Centers facilitate and encourage professional development through a range of customizable services for students, employers, and the broader community. The result is a refreshed, competent, and adaptable talent pool eager to apply their education immediately and for the longer term. 

Want to learn more about the Ohio Technical Centers statewide? Visit their comprehensive website to discover more information on the services they provide not only to adult job seekers but also to employers.

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