Friends of Adult Education

Make A Difference

Career and technical education provides interesting course work for adults, increased job stability, and advancement opportunities. For employers, it provides a world-class workforce able to outwork, outproduce, and outsmart the global competition.

This opportunity for an improved quality of life comes with expenses that are daunting for most. Adults wishing to return to school find it difficult to balance work, family, and the added expense of tuition. Unfortunately, subsidized funds for training have all but disappeared. 

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Be The Change

We often come across many instances where financial challenges within a family curtails the education of promising students. It is cruel to see that the financial background of a person makes education an uphill task.

Friends of Adult Education is a designated tax-exempt fund making it possible for adults to continue their education. This in turn leads to a local economy where they can give back to our culture and civic life.

Giving Begins With You

Friends of Adult Education raises funds to assist adults in attending Buckeye Career Center. These funds provide opportunities for

  • Students to return to school

  • Instructors to further their professional development

  • Essential equipment and materials to keep programs current with today's fast-paced, changing economy.

The Friends of Adult Education, Buckeye Career Center is successful only through the generous support of sponsors like you!

Foundation Trustees

  • Chrissy Blackwell - Secretary

  • Christy Bennett

  • Barb Chew - Vice President 

  • Ann Gano - Treasurer

  • Frank Polen

  • Brian Swartzwelder

  • Greg Triplett 

  • Erin VanFossen

  • Mark Wagner - President

  • Sean Smith - Legal Counsel

  • Ad Hoc Members:

  •  Megan Zimmerman

  • Steve Rippeth

Those wishing to find out more can contact us:

Email Friends of Adult Education
P.O. Box 132
New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663