Hospitality Services

Job Outlook

  • Develop entry-level skills in the operation of lodging, tourism, and food service

  • Work individually and in teams to complete a variety of school and community projects

  • Explore employment opportunities in a hands-on setting with professionals from the field


What can I do when I graduate?

  • Hotel employment

  • Nursing home

  • Customer service related jobs

  • Banquet employee

  • Housekeeper

  • Laundromat attendant

What would I do in this class?

  • Job shadowing with housekeepers at local hotels

  • Event planning, banquet set up and serving throughout the year

  • Laundry procedures for hotel, kitchen and restaurant linens

  • Job shadowing with local nursing home employees

  • Basic cleaning and home maintenance responsibilities

What can I do with further training?

  • Hotel Manager

  • Event planner

  • Restaurant Manager

Program Quick Facts

Hospitality Services students must be able to

  • Stand on your own for several hours

  • Withstand exposure to cleaning solvents

  • Independently communicate basic needs

  • Follow a minimum of three-step instructions

  • Independently read and follow safety signs

  • Lift a minimum of 20 lbs.

  • Independently maintain control of emotions and behaviors

  • Identify five-digit numbers in a sequential order


College Credits

Available Certifications

Lab Fees

Debbie Ganyard

Hocking College

CPR First Aid

ServSafe Food Handler, Allergen, Workplace, 

and Person in Charge


1st Year - $25.002nd Year - $25.00Hospitality Uniform Info

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