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Schedule adjustments have been made for the week of March 1-5. Seniors should report to BCC for in-person learning Monday, 3/1 and Tuesday, 3/2. Juniors should report on Wednesday, 3/3 and Thursday, 3/4. All students will be remote Friday, 3/5 to accommodate our final staff vaccination day.
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College Credit

Upon completion of a Career Technical program students may be eligible for college credit at select post-secondary institutes across Ohio. Currently there are two methods available for career technical students to obtain college for classroom/laboratory time and work completed in the career technical program.

One method of obtaining college credit may be by means of an articulation agreement established between the career technical program and an individual college. With an articulation agreement in place a college agrees to give a student a set number of college credits once the student completes the career technical program or a section of the program. Articulation agreements vary from college to college in the amount of credit available and requirements to obtain the credit.

The second method of obtaining college credit is by means of pre existing agreement among colleges and various career technical programs across Ohio. These credits are referred to as CT2 credits (Credit Transfer to post secondary) by the Ohio Department of Education. The amount of credit available and with which college, varies widely across the state. Many career technical programs do not have this option available.

Students are advised to speak with the career technical instructor and/or guidance counselor for more information on how to obtain articulation and/or CT2 credit.
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