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Board of Education

Steve Brode
Brode, Steve
Board of Education
Newcomerstown Exempted Village Schools

Jim Gertz
Gertz, Jim
Board of Education
East Holmes Local Schools
Bob Hannon
Hannon, Bob
Board of Education
Garaway Local Schools
Kevin Harvey
Harvey, Kevin
Board of Education
Strasburg-Franklin Local Schools
Rob Higgenbotham
Higgenbotham, Rob
Board of Education
Conotton Valley Union Schools
Cyndy Host
Host, Cyndy
Board of Education
Claymont City Schools
Randy Longacher
Longacher, Randy
Board of Education
 Dover City Schools
Francis Picchetti
Picchetti, Francis
Board of Education
Indian Valley Local Schools
Kelly Ricklic
Ricklic, Kelly
Board of Education
New Philadelphia City Schools
Dan Ries
Ries, Dan
Board of Education
Carrollton Exempted Village Schools
Scott Tritt
Tritt, Scott
Board of Education
Tuscarawas Valley Local Schools

Our philosophy

The Buckeye Joint Vocational School District's Board of Education believes in fair representation on the Board from all of their feeder schools, and believes that vocational schools are virtually "centers" for applied science, technology, and occupational development. It is the desire of the Board that Buckeye operate as an extension of the home schools to supplement its curriculum and cooperate with the home schools in order to provide a stimulating educational environment for attracting students of all ability levels. The objectives of this education is to prepare each person for a useful and productive career.

In the application of this philosophy, the Board of Education believes the instructional programs should be designed to provide each student every available opportunity to develop the skills, interests, abilities, and attitudes necessary to succeed in their chosen vocation. It is the opinion of the board that constant attention be given to appropriately evaluate vocational and academic programs and to change these programs, when necessary, to correspond to the needs of the labor market. It is further the opinion of the Board that it is important to update equipment and educational aids, and insure teacher knowledge regarding vocational and academic trends. The Board believes that this can best be accomplished by listening and adhering to the suggestions of business and community leaders who serve on program advisory committees.

Instructional techniques will be employed that prepare a student to be gainfully employed in a business field or to gain entrance in an advanced technical school or higher educational institution. The student will be taught to have a respect for the discipline of work and to practice proper safety measures.The effectiveness of academics and vocational instruction for high school and adult students is measured by the preparedness of the individual to meet life's personal and occupational challenge in a satisfactory manner. The Board of Education believes that with this outlined philosophy the student will learn to take pride in personal achievement and proper conduct and be instilled with the idea that education is an ongoing process that continues throughout his/her lifetime.

The Board of Education adheres to the principle that what is considered valuable and appropriate learning for high school and adult students be accomplished in a fiscally responsible manner by the administration. Also, that it be accomplished within the parameters of state laws and the prerogative of the citizens of the communities served by Buckeye in conjunction with members of the Board.
It is the policy of the Board of Education of Buckeye Career Center that educational activities, employment, programs, and services are offered without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, handicap, or age.
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