New Staff

Windows Domain Account and Password

Every staff member at Buckeye Career Center receives a windows login account.  Your Windows Domain username and password is used to log in to computers on campus. When you initially start a computer up, you will be prompted for a username and password in order to log in.  You may be required to press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to log in.  Your username and your initial password is printed on your welcome letter.  You will be required to change your password upon logging in for the first time when logging in on-campus.  You will want to do this before signing into your BCC email.


Every staff member is issued an email address when their accounts are created.  To access your email you may either go to https://mail.buckeyecareercenter.org/ or choose Staff Mail from the Staff Links page on BCC's website.

Your email address is printed on your welcome letter and should look like jsmith@buckeyecareercenter.org (where your username is in place of jsmith).  You will need to put your entire email address in for the username.  Your email password is the same as your Windows Domain password.  If your Windows Domain password changes, then your email address will also change to be the same.

First time signing into your email.  Checkout this video! http://youtu.be/pfNldnD4qCE


Progress Book Access


If you are a high school teacher, you will probably need a Progress Book account at some point in order to record student grades and attendance.  Progress Book is an online resource that can be accessed by clicking on the Progress Book  link on the staff page.  Please make sure that the drop down menu has "omeresasis.net".  Otherwise your account will not work.  If your Progress Book account was not set up at the time your other accounts were created, then you will receive an email with the account information when it is created.  If you have problems or questions about Progress Book, please contact Dianne Dickey.


Other Technology Services

Telephone and Voicemail  To dial another phone on campus, just dial the extension to want.  To call an outside number, dial 8 and then the number.  If dialing long distance, dial 8 + 1 + number.  You will then hear a tone to prompt you for your long distance code.  To access your voicemail, dial 2500, then enter your security code at the prompt.  The first time you access your voicemail, you may be guided through a tutorial to setup your name and a custom greeting.  It may be helpful to write down a greeting before recording it.

Getting Technical Support

There are a few ways to reach the Tech Department. 

1. Submit an online support ticket through our helpdesk system.

2. Send an email to Nic Brown explaining the issue

3. Try to contact us by dialing ext 2207