Fédération Québécoise du Théâtre Amateur (FQTA)

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Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada
J1R 1A1
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Since the great, lost a first ear of Canada Governor John Amadeus Macdonalds when Hockey Canada announced the national sport, the sport became a part of Canadian blood.

When I first came to Canada for hockey ignorant. Saw six stuffed like a bone in the body, like a couple of baseball, the sturdy frame of the athletes rapid rushed down the ice rink, chasing a little rubber puck, like cheap nhl jerseys my heart was lifted up. There are several dodge, just to tens of kilometers per hour, banging against the fence. Twelve stick flying around, everyone desperately unfortunate name of the piece of rubber. When an able-bodied player sliding into the goal, I saw the other people he crashed into the side of a Dayton time, a fierce war imminent......

What can I do not know when, maybe the time, I understand hockey, is no longer fierce and relentless scraping clashed.

Speaking of Canadians, even the lords of nearly seventy years old woman, love for hockey but also to the extent of madness, not too much. In the street you can see many people, from young infants to three months on crutches grandmother, dressed in Vancouver hockey jersey ; wholesale nhl jerseys in the store has a wide cheap hockey jerseys variety of souvenirs, from a baby's pacifier (It read "Come on hockey") to the lucky charm. More outrageous people (in the newspapers wrote) a ¥1000 bought 3,000 stickers, car souped a real " hockey car."

This year's Winter Olympic Games held at the gates of the more scary. The newspaper said 3/5 qualified Canadians looked to the United States, Canada, " Fight of the Century." When Canada lost 3 to 5 heats the next day, everyone in our school drop his head. Finals day, I remember, I was at a friend's birthday party on the balcony of a building opposite the door, there are four bands already gaining about nhl momentum. We quickly opened o TV. As overtime began, and even the owner and other customers are also watching intently.

Three minutes fast over. Suddenly, Crosby Team Canada's far shoot a ball - into ! Shopkeepers pulled our streets or deserted street a few about hockey minutes ago is now a joy crowds ocean ! All the cars are stopped, kept sounding its horn as if the whole street constantly singing the Canadian national anthem again and again.

Oh ! Hockey, a song of triumph of the soul of Canada.