Intro to Nursing

  • Perform a wide range of medical procedures in various healthcare careers
  • Develop professional work ethic, medical skills, and patient/client care and confidentiality
  • Participate in hands-on community health services, such as blood drives


What can I do when I graduate?
  1. Nurse aide
  2. Medical assistant
  3. Patient care technician
  4. Dental assistant
  5. Front office/telephone/scheduling
What would I do in this class?
  1. Nursing skills – State Tested Nurse’s Assistant vs. Patient Care Aid
  2. Medical assisting
  3. Pharmacy technician
  4. Dental assisting
  5. Medical terminology, anatomy and physiology
  6. First aid
  7. CPR/AED
  8. SkillsUSA Professional Development Program
What can I do with further training?
  1. RN (Registered Nurse)
  2. Medical assistant
  3. Phlebotomist
  4. Dental assistant
  5. Radiology
  6. Veterinarian technician

Program Quick Facts

These students must:

  • Have good communication skills - written and verbal
  • Be able to perform physical requirements of health care (lifting, bending, standing, push/pull up to 50 lbs.)
  • Be able to follow instructions safely and accurately
  • Comprehend units of measure used in the lab
  • Use math as a means of problem solving
  • Have good hand/eye coordination and dexterity
  • Be able to operate a computer to complete assignments on a daily basis
  • Be able to work independently and in teams
  • Follow confidentiality guidelines used in the profession

Uniform requirements

  • Slate Gray scrubs with white leather shoes (to be purchased by the student)

Career/Tech Club Affiliation


  • None at this time.