Commercial Truck Technology

  • Identify mechanical and electrical problems and repair medium-duty trucks to semi-trucks and trailers
  • Operate an on-site truck repair facility
  • Work side-by-side with professionals at regional trucking facilities


What can I do when I graduate?
  1. Entry level truck technician
  2. Parts counter person
  3. Military Service
  4. Trade School
  5. Entry level heavy equipment technician
  6. Entry level rail road technician
What would I do in this class?
  1. Shop safety/Shop equipment operation
  2. Basic Truck / Trailer maneuverability
  3. Basic electrical / electronic troubleshooting
  4. Air and hydraulic brake diagnosis and repair
  5. Truck and trailer preventive maintenance
  6. Diesel engine theory, diagnosis and repair
  7. Basic welding and fabrication using stick and MIG welders and oxyacetylene torches.
  8. Basic drive train diagnosis and repair
What can I do with further training?
  1. Truck Technician
  2. Service Manager
  3. Shop foreman
  4. Truck Driver
  5. Parts Manager
  6. Business Owner

Program Quick Facts

Commercial Truck Technology students must be able to:

  • Read and comprehend textbooks and material used in lab
  • Follow written and verbal instructions
  • Lift a minimum of 50 lbs.
  • Have good hand/eye coordination and dexterity
  • Handle getting dirty as part of the job
  • Use PC based computers to access information and trouble shoot problems with equipment
  • Meet safety requirements to operator tools 

Uniform requirements

  • 2 pairs of navy blue pants, 2 long sleeve navy blue shirts and must have leather work boots - steel-toe is not needed. (to be supplied by student) T-shirts are available and may be worn in the shop as well.

Career/Tech Club Affiliation


  • None at this time.